Garrett on stage

Hello! My name is Garrett Grimm; I'm a musician, web developer, and 3D modeler when I'm feeling sporty.

This site is a steaming jambalaya of everything I'm passionate about. If I do something I think is cool or useful, I'll post it up on the blog. If you're in need of some help with a personal website or something clean and snazzy for your business check out the Web Development link above for a full description of what I can offer plus some examples of past work I've done.

I write music too, which I also post up when it comes to me. I tend to play more bluesy stuff when I'm jamming with my friends, but for some reason my recorded stuff is pretty non-genre specific. To get a taste of my audio masterpieces check out my Soundcloud. I'm always open to let people use my music for free in any non-commercial media like YouTube, your blog, a school project, or whatever. Just shoot me a message to let me know and throw some credit up there for and I'll be happy to help you promote it.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. Make it rain.

Web Development

If you've come here to take advantage of my mad WordPress skills or other web talents please feel free to shoot me a note so we can discuss your project further. For more information on my services see my web development page.